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Candidate For Louisiana State Representative, District 49

It has been my honor to serve this great nation as a soldier in the United States Army.  After retirement in 1997, I went to work as a helicopter pilot in the Gulf of Mexico.  While living in Patterson, I met and married Valerie, who is a wonderful stepmother to our beautiful daughter.  In 2006 we moved, and now call Jeanerette home.

 As a Middle Class Christian family we deal everyday with the issues that affect our way of life.  The cost of food, fuel, medical, and rising taxes assault our wallet every day.  The burdens on our military, law enforcement and fire departments diminish our protection.  The education of our children is stymied by a system that is near the bottom of national rankings.  When our children graduate, they leave to find better jobs elsewhere.  Christian values and the Traditional family are attacked in the media.  The unrelenting over regulation and defacto moratoriums by the federal government on our state economy makes us less self-sufficient and more dependent on federal handouts just to get by.  As we struggle to balance our checkbook, the politicians struggle to increase revenue but not reduced spending.

I ask you for the honor to serve as your representative for District 49 in the Louisiana House of Representatives

As your employee I would be answerable to YOU!  As a retired, combat and disabled Army officer, I am still honor bound to uphold my oath to defend the Constitution.  The Constitution is the supreme law of the land

As a conservative, I believe our liberties are derived from God not legislation.  And they shall not be infringed. 

I support lower taxes and a balanced budget and oppose TIF's

I support creating economic and energy independence for Louisiana, with less reliance on the federal government.

I support reducing burdensome government regulation on local businesses

I will fight to have a Hurricane Protection System for Iberia and Vermilion Parishes.

Our children are Louisiana's future!  I want to improve our educational system with "School Choice", where parents and teachers decide what is best for our children. I will fight to repeal Common Core, which puts the Federal Government in charge of deciding what is best for our children. Our teachers deserve quality pay along with the resources necessary to place Louisiana at the top of national rankings. 

I believe our law enforcement and fire departments deserve quality pay and equipment necessary to be the best in the nation. 

I am Pro Family, because the family is the corner stone of society.

I am Pro Life and beleive life starts with a heart beat. 

"I felt it, my patriotic duty to join the army and put on a uniform to defend the citizens of this country against all enemies foreign.  With your support I will continue my patriotic duty and put on a suit to defend the citizens of this state against all enemies domestic."

 As a Middle Class American I do not have the deep pockets my opponents have.  Any financial or volunteer support you can give will be greatly appreciated.


 I hope you will give me the honor of your vote for House District 49 Representative on Election Day.  


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